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Friday, March 14, 2014

Spring is almost here.....

      We are having our normal weather around here, a day or two dry followed by rain.  Of course this is the reason we are the Evergreen State.  I did manage to get out and get some cleanup done while it was dry, including the backyard.  That is the dog yard, and I will be filling in some holes soon.  It must be a great time for Foxy and Dash to dig for mice this time of year.  Doesn't hurt a bit that the ground is nice and soft, either.  I always know when they have been digging, because not just their feet are dirty, but always the nose, too, from poking it down the hole.  If they ever catch anything I must be at work and miss it, but they are able to catch mice when they are hunting in the big field where we run.
         My work schedule, or lack of it, keeps me from doing dog events for now.  When needed I still have to work weekends.  Maybe after June I will be able to make some plans.  I am hoping to at least visit dog friends at some shows this year, it is nice to keep track of some on FB, but not the same as seeing them, and their dogs, in person.
            I must be getting ready for work now, enjoy the spring weather wherever you are!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Rain, rain go away...........

           Wow the rain has been coming down here!  We have had inches, now have puddles and small lakes in places that don't normally have water.  It is a little challenging to do outside chores, but the dogs are not too bothered by it at all.  Foxy is always wet when she comes in, she spends her free time on the run, Dash loves to follow (read chase) the horses when they go out of the barn, and Wiley always goes into the barn to rub on the hay.  He comes in with a pleasant fragrance reminding me of summer.  I have to fight to keep my hood up with the wind today, too.  Here's hoping we don't flood so much that the local creek comes over the bridge.....we have been trapped by that before.  It would be too bad to HAVE to stay home from work, right? 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Forced to stay inside........

           We are forced to stay inside as the weather is very windy and rainy.  We would rather have snow!!  This is much harder to endure, feels MUCH colder than it is, glad we took good pictures in the snow.  There never seem to be enough hours in the day to keep up with all I have to do.  Lots of work these days, but it varies and goes from leaving home at noon, to leaving at 4 am the next day.  So that is sure my excuse for just trying to keep up with life and ignoring this blog. I do enjoy writing it and especially sharing the pictures of my dogs, so I will not give it up yet.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Pictures soon

            Had some trouble uploading some pictures, so I will get back to it this weekend.  Doesn't help at all when the power flicks off for 10 seconds or so, and all goes dark.  And this with just a little rain??????  

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


         Hello all, life has been VERY busy for a while, and since this is one of the things I don't HAVE to do, it sometimes gets postponed.  We are all doing well here, the holidays were nice this year with a lot of visiting of friends and family.  Of course I have been working a lot, too.
           I do have a couple of new pictures to post of Nubs, his owners have a lot of fun with this dog, and keep me updated on his progress.  I am posting the cute one of him with Santa, too even though its a little late, its really cute.  The red boy that ended up in Arizona, named Scotch, sure is handsome, too.  My dogs at home are in the same rut as I am, just going about our daily activities.  Foxy especially likes to chase birds, and she is very fast.  She would be excellent in a speed sport like lure coursing- maybe we will be able to do some more fun stuff this year if my work schedule permits.
          There are more German Pinschers than ever in the Pacific Northwest, and on the West Coast.  Lots of activities they are involved in, too.  I know of a couple of litters that are on the way or planned, so some new local owners maybe this new year, too.
            Wishing everyone a bright and Happy New Year!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Snow days are here

             We have a lovely dusting of snow here this morning.  It is better than the just plain cold weather we have been having, it felt as if there should be snow, and now its here.  Luckily there is not enough to really halt activities, school wasn't delayed, and I still have to go to work later.  I will be taking the dogs out to the barn with me, it won't slow them down much, though they may spend a little extra time on the hay stack with their feet off the cold concrete floor.  The old yellow Lab, Honey, has already been out rolling in the snow.  With her heavy fur she enjoys the cold a lot, she is made of sturdy stuff!
               I may have to get out to do some Christmas shopping this weekend, like it or not, that holiday is almost here.  Sure came around fast after Thanksgiving this year.  I will post pictures of dogs in snow if I can get any good ones.  Hard to get those good pictures of fast moving critters.   

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Frozen morning

            We are having a very cold morning here, with the temperature dipping below 30 degrees.  BRrrrrr.......  The good news is that it will be a bright and sunny day, the sun is on its way up now.  There was a beautiful sunset last night, too.  Do you know the old saying......'red sky at morning, sailor take warning, red sky at night, sailors' delight?  Well, it proved true today.  So typical of fall weather here to have had rain with enough sun mixed in to give us rainbows a few days ago, now sunny but cold.  It will be a good day to get out for a run with the dogs!